The University of Rochester MBA Forte Fellowship 2023-24

Type of degree: 


Scholarship Deadline: 

Applications for this scholarship will end on the 5th of January, 2023, and starts again by AUG/SEP.

About Rochester MBA Forte Fellowship 2023-24

The Forté Foundation is a collaboration of major corporations and business schools committed to increasing the number of women in business. It’s no surprise that Simon at Rochester has a strong partnership with the Forté Foundation, as a community dedicated to diversity and inclusion. Scholarships are given to talented and civic-minded female MBA students (both domestic and international).

Scholarship Applicant Criteria: 

While Simon at Rochester will be in charge of selecting and awarding Forté Fellowships, Forté requests that the following criteria be used:
i. Demonstrate exemplary leadership in one or more of the following areas: Academic leadership, team leadership, community leadership, and creative leadership are all examples of leadership.
ii. Represent a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds, career objectives, ethnicities, citizenship/nationality, sexual orientation, and gender identities/expression.
iii. MBA student at a Forté partner school (full-time, part-time, executive programs, dual degree, or online programs)
iv. Demonstrate a commitment to Forté’s mission of launching women into meaningful careers by providing access to business education, opportunities, and a network of successful women.
Individual schools may impose additional requirements (for example, alignment with the school’s mission or core values).

Academic/experience criteria include;

i. GMAT score of about 690

ii. Average GPA of 3.61

iii. 3 – 5 years working experience

Value of Scholarship for Rochester MBA Forte Fellowship 2023-24 : 

The Simon Rochester Forté Fellowships range in value from $5,000 to full-tuition.
Other advantages include:
i. participation in Forté’s MBA Women’s Leadership and Financial Services Program; and ii. Conferences on the FAST Track
o Network with CEOs and MBA students from Forté partner schools; o Attend panel discussions with corporate partners and MBA alumni; and o Participate in workshops that promote professional and personal development.
ii. Access to a Forté Fellows and Fellows alumni online networking community
Inclusion in the Forté Fellows resume book, which is distributed to Forté partner companies each fall.
iv. Unrivaled access to the Forté corporate recruiter database.
v. Special invitations to Forté partner companies’ job openings and leadership programs.

vi. Lifetime access to Forté’s Women Lead live webinar series, which covers career, professional, and leadership development topics, as well as access to our on-demand recording library.
vii. Mentoring and unique opportunities to meet other Fellows and Forté representatives at your school.
viii. Opportunities for leadership development through your involvement in the planning of your school’s Forté outreach program for undergraduate women.
ix. Membership in the Forté Fellows LinkedIn and Facebook groups.

Find further information on this scholarship opportunity at the University of Rochester MBA Scholarship Page : Apply on the official website

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