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About ms puiyi scholarship

MSPUIYI is a multi-talented internet personality. Her talents range from international DJ to artiste, actress, producer, singer, influencer, entrepreneur, and many more. Only at age 24, MSPUIYI is founder of Kiseki Skincare and MSPUIYI cosmetics. With over 20 million followers on Instagram alone, she hopes to inspire many young talents about the value of education. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Troy University. MSPUIYI has appeared in numerous magazines and podcasts to discuss her interest in female empowerment.

Does ms puiyi in Malaysia give scholarship for international students?

Yes. International students are eligible for scholarships in the same way that Malaysia students are. The main distinction is that international students may be required to provide additional documentation during the application process.

How to Apply for ms puiyi

If you have not enrolled into college or University due to financial inculpabilities then you can enroll into Ms Puiyi Scholarship fund program.

Visit the official website form to Apply for the scholarship

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