Masters of Business Administration – MBA

The MBA program has been in existence at AUB since the mid 1940s and is committed to the highest standards of quality in graduate management education. The MBA is intended for ambitious professionals on track to becoming senior managers and provides a dynamic balance between a top-down strategic mindset and a bottom-up operational orientation.



Admission Criteria

• Average GPA of at least 80 (3.2) from a university recognized by AUB
• All students who don’t have an undergraduate degree from AUB, or any American,
Canadian, British or Australian University, must meet the English Language
• GMAT (or GRE) score
• Two years of relevant work experience or equivalency judged on a case-by-case basis
• Two letters of recommendation preferably highlighting the applicant’s work
• Curriculum vitae

Once Accepted

• Submission of Medical Record
• Students should visit their doctor or family medicine practitioner in their home
country and obtain the vaccinations required in accordance with this Medical Form.
• Students should submit their medical record ONLINE to the Department of Family

How to Apply

• Students should fill out application Online.
• Students should register for their GMAT Exam by following this link.
• English Language Requirements / New English Language Proficiency Requirements
for Graduates starting Fall 2013-2014


• For on-campus housing, students should submit the housing application by the
assigned deadline. Applications will be considered for students admitted to AUB after
the housing application deadline.
• For off-campus housing, students can start researching their options HERE, under

How to Become an Enrolled Student

Submission of Official Documents

Orientation Steps

Advising Steps

AUBNET Account Activation Steps

Registration Steps

Payment Steps

Getting You AUB Photo ID

Access AUBis

Complete Registration