Masters of Business Administration – MBA

The MBA program has been in existence at AUB since the mid 1940s and is committed to the highest standards of quality in graduate management education. The MBA is intended for ambitious professionals on track to becoming senior managers and provides a dynamic balance between a top-down strategic mindset and a bottom-up operational orientation.



Credit Requirements

• 42 Credits
• All students should take 2 foundation courses (6 credits) prior to enrollment

Admission Criteria

• 3.2 GPA or more
• GPA less than 3.2 GPA, will be at the discretion of the OSB Graduate Committee
• GMAT more than 570 Or a GRE Score of 312 and above
• Minimum 2 years of relevant work experience
• Interview with the MBA Program Director


The MBA program is offered on a Full-Time basis only suiting the needs of the applicants.

Application Checklist

• Application Form
• University Results
• GMAT / GRE Score
• Curriculum Vitae
• Letter of Recommendation
• Data Page from Valid Nigerian International Passport