About Us

The Lebanese Nigeria Initiatives (LNI) is an organization of top level executives from Lebanese companies in Nigeria. Our aim is to promote bilateral relations between Nigeria and Lebanon and we seek to establish various initiatives that will mainly benefit the Nigerian community.


To be recognized for strengthening the bond between Nigeria and Lebanon for the mutual benefit of both countries.


To provide platforms for Nigerian and Lebanese partnerships in social and commercial endeavors that positively impact both countries.

Our Objectives
  1. To Develop
    Programs for capacity building and human capital development in Nigeria through various initiatives in education, health, security, humanitarian & other sectors involved in the socio-economic development of Nigeria.
  2. To Promote
    •    Lebanese culture in Nigeria and encourage social interaction and cultural exchange
    •    The development of trade and commerce between the two countries
  3. To Provide
    A forum in which Lebanese citizens in Nigeria may identify and dialogue with Nigerian citizens and other relevant stakeholders on issues of common interest.